Taking place on the 4th of February every year, World Cancer Day is led and organised by the Union for International Cancer Control to raise awareness and fundraising, with a view to significantly reducing the number of illnesses and deaths caused this terrible disease.

It is a cause very close to our hearts here at JJMoffs. Three of our authors have battled cancer, and we have family members who have survived and also sadly died from the disease. Cancer is responsible for the loss of far too many loved ones, and eradication is a worthy aspiration that deserves all the support we can give it.

One person who knows all too well what a diagnosis of cancer means (or in her case a misdiagnosis) is author of the week, Carolann Bruce.

When you hear the news, ‘You don’t have cancer. Go home and live your life,’ you would think the relief would be overwhelming, but not for Carolann Bruce. She’d had a dream that foretold of breast cancer, and it depicted two endings. And she wanted survival.

Carolann explains; “I had been having scary dreams for a while, but this dream showed me as a cancer patient. It was so real that I checked myself when I woke up, and I found a lump. I had a negative mammogram, and a consultant said the lump was nothing to worry about, but I insisted on further tests. He assured me that all was fine, but I refused to budge. I’m glad I did because the doctor was wrong. I had cancer. Most people would have accepted the diagnosis and gone away, only to find out the truth when it was too late, but I’m stubborn, I know my body, and I just knew my dream was true.”

That was the start of a long and gruelling journey, which Carolann tells with candid insight and more than a smattering of humour in her book, ‘The Dream That Saved My Life’. A qualified nurse as well as the owner of an international award-winning school of performing arts, this lady is made of strong stuff.

Released in time for World Cancer Day, ‘The Dream That Saved My Life’ is brilliantly written and often laugh out loud funny, but also lays bare what a cancer diagnosis brings. With one in two people now predicted to get cancer in their lifetime, it is, above all, inspiring for anyone unfortunate enough to receive that chilling diagnosis. That she is a strong, courageous and determined woman is evident with the turn of each page of her book. And turn you will, because it is impossible to put this book down.

‘The Dream That Saved My Life’ is 2021’s absolute must-read and is available from JJMoffs, Amazon and all good bookshops. Without a doubt, this is a book that every woman should read.