We are avid readers here and we simply love books! Our reading team reads all books submitted to JJMoffs and our authors receive feedback from readers who represent the buying public. If a manuscript makes it to the next stage, an editor will review it and prepare a report giving constructive and honest feedback. These are the initial steps that give authors and their books every chance of success.

We offer bespoke publishing packages because one size does not fit all, and we guide our authors through each stage with as much support as they need. We don’t restrict distribution to online platforms, but also print our books, which we place in stock with a book distribution company.

Clever marketing tools and multi-platform marketing streams give our authors more opportunity to sell books. Partnership working is essential for success and we like our authors to be fully involved, not least in the marketing effort in which they play a significant part. This is reflected in the division of royalties.

JJMoffs is one team, author and publisher combined, working together to bring great books to market. If you wish to submit a manuscript for consideration, please click here.