Here at JJMoffs, it is important to us that we give each submission the full attention and assessment it deserves and that commitment comes with a small charge (see below).  With this in mind, we recommend you prepare carefully before you submit your book for assessment. Read, read and read again. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before submitting. The more professional and polished your manuscript is, the more likely it is to be well received. It really is time well spent. Some useful software packages are available that will pick up anything you have missed, such as customising your spell check and installing Grammarly.

Have someone read your book for you. Often you will miss continuity issues whereas a fresh pair of eyes will pick them up. Don’t be offended if your friends give you constructive criticism, they’re trying to help you.

Finally, after all the chopping and changing, writing and rewriting you have your final manuscript. Spend a little time writing a good, well thought out synopsis and decide into which genre your book fits.

Once you are happy, name your synopsis and manuscript files with the title of your book. Upload the pdfs to an email, stating your name, book title, genre, word count, contact details and send to It generally takes 90 days to assess your manuscript, depending on how busy we are.

Submission and manuscript assessment charges

Initial assessment up to 60,000 words £50.00
Initial assessment  60,000 to 110,000 words £75.00
Initial assessment 110,000 to 200,000 words £95.00

Please make payment via bank transfer to JJMoffs Independent Book Publisher Ltd:
Sort code 05-07-52     Account number 28462774

We will acknowledge receipt of both manuscript and payment, and look forward to presenting you with your assessment.

I felt compelled to write Ursu’s story, and having done so I didn’t know what to do with it.  I had no idea whether it was good or not or how to go about publishing it in some way. I had never before written a book.

By chance I was introduced to Jane who not only gave me the confidence to publish, but also held my hand throughout the administrative process.  A year on from publication in spring 2018, Jane continues to give me huge support.  Publishing can be a confusing and challenging sphere.  Jane understands the industry and underpins this with a very friendly, accessible style, and with honesty and kindness. I wouldn’t have published without her. Anyone publishing through JJMoffs is in safe hands.   

Sarah Napier, Author

Although I had self-published my previous books, ‘Misadventure, Mayhem, Myth and Murder’ was my first with a publisher. I chose JJ Moffs as it was a local and independent publisher and from the outset I knew I had made the right choice. Jane was consistently professional, courteous and honest, and her guidance and attention to detail was of the highest order. She kept me informed of the deadlines at each stage and left me confident the book would be finished to my satisfaction – as it was! The whole process was privately and publicly rewarding, so much so that I am embarking on two other books with her.

For anyone seeking to publish their first book, or for more experienced authors wishing to extend the scope of their writing, I strongly recommend Jane and all her team at JJ Moffs, Publishing

Bob Fish, Author

My Dad’s dream (then aged 86 years) was to have his poetry published. As family members we all thought that the poems were good, but we wanted an outside, honest opinion. Fortunately for us Jane was very impressed and emotionally engaged by what she had read. My Dad no idea how to proceed to get his work into print, but Jane had all the knowledge and drive that we needed to start the ball rolling and keep it going for the best outcome we could have hoped for. Her knowledge, skill, dedication and effort were wholly responsible for the finished product “Thirties Child – A living history in verse”.

The absolute joy for both Jane and myself at my dad’s excitement when he picked up his first copy of his own poems in print, is unforgettable.

Jane’s sincere and honest investment in the people she meets creates strong bonds and trust in her abilities. Without Jane, the book Thirties Child would never have happened. I cannot recommend this independent publisher highly enough.

Shirley Hauser, Author's daughter