We offer bespoke publishing packages because one size does not fit all, and we guide our authors through each stage with as much support as they need.

Our reading team reads all full manuscripts submitted to JJMoffs, with authors receiving feedback from readers who represent the buying public. If a manuscript makes it to the next stage, an editor will review it and prepare a report giving constructive and honest feedback.

Clever marketing tools and multi-platform marketing streams give our authors more opportunity to sell books. Partnership working is essential for success and we like our authors to be fully involved, not least in the marketing effort in which they play a significant part.

Bearing in mind that we effectively only publish four books a year, it’s important that manuscripts impresses us. If the first page isn’t engaging and the first chapter isn’t compelling, there’s a good chance a manuscript won’t be successful; not just with us but with future readerships. However, if a book hooks the reader from the start, and has no continuity issues that cause the reader pause to question, then the manuscript has a good chance of success.

Submitting your book
We recommend you prepare carefully before you submit your book for assessment. Read, read, and read again. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before submitting. The more professional and polished your manuscript is, the more likely it is to be well received. It is time well spent because a wrongly punctuated manuscript can read entirely differently to how you think have written it. Some useful software packages are available that will pick up anything you have missed, such as customising your spell check and installing Grammarly.

Have a couple of people read your book for you. Often you will miss continuity issues whereas a fresh pair of eyes will pick them up. Don’t be offended if your friends give you constructive criticism; they’re trying to help you.

Finally, after all the chopping and changing, writing and rewriting, you have your final manuscript. Spend a little time writing a good, well thought out synopsis (no more than 450 words) and decide into which genre your book fits.

Before you submit your full manuscript, we ask you to apply for assessment by sending us your synopsis, Chapter One, and a covering letter detailing your name, address, phone number and email address. Send to submissions@jjmoffs.co.uk and we will assess the first chapter and contact you if it moves us to read more of your book. If a book doesn’t engage with a reader in chapter one, the likelihood is that the reader will discard it and never return. It generally takes 30 days to assess your first chapter, depending on how busy we are.

Submission and manuscript assessment charges

Initial assessment up to 60,000 words £50.00
Initial assessment  60,000 to 110,000 words £75.00
Initial assessment 110,000 to 200,000 words £95.00

Please make payment via bank transfer to JJMoffs Independent Book Publisher Ltd:
Sort code 05-07-52     Account number 28462774

We will acknowledge receipt of both manuscript and payment, and look forward to presenting you with your assessment.