John McCarthy, author of ‘Full Moon Lunarantics, Dark Exploits in the Lake District’.

John was born in the suburbs of London, where early scouting expeditions established a quest for adventure. This resulted in him hitchhiking around the world before he was 21 years old. Upon returning to the UK, he enjoyed a successful career managing record shops in central London, squeezing big adventures into all available holidays. Whilst mountaineering in The Lake District, he decided to leave London and retrain as an outdoor learning and development professional.

That was twenty eight years ago, and John has had an exciting outdoor career fulfilling a wide variety of roles working for industry leading charity, The Outward Bound Trust. Over his career, John has designed and delivered impactful programmes which have accelerated the behavioural development of a wide variety of clients from the classroom to the boardroom.

In 2012 John launched the now infamous concept of Lunarantics, a gathering of like-minded folk who head out on a wide range of monthly monochrome micro-adventures under the light of the Full Moon. Over the last eight years, they have Howled in some amazing locations above and below ground as they explore The Lake District’s lakes, rivers, and mountains. This subsequent book explores the learning and the laughter as they canoe, climb, swim, cycle, kayak and eat cheese on their memorable moonlit meanderings.

Written by the Howler in Chief, the book aims to encourage others to make their next adventure a nocturnal one, and we highly recommend it to anyone who loves outdoor adventures. Buy your copy now from our webshop.