My name is Dawn Terry, and I am an author. The author of Deadly Escape, to be exact!

I’ve loved books since my teenage years. Not all books, though, just books with thrilling and intriguing romantic storylines. The deadlier and more dangerous, the better! Or, biographies and autobiographies, but that’s because I’m inquisitive and find life and people fascinating.

I wrote my first book, or at least the storyline for it when I was about twenty one, but I did nothing about it for twenty years. I spent that time working in great jobs in the City of London on trading floors, at a radio station in the media department, for a prestigious interior design company, and a few other places. All at the same time as partying at some of the most exclusive venues in the UK.

I went on to travel to Europe, America and South America and lived abroad for a while. I got married, had two wonderful children, and got divorced. Then found love all over again! Over the years, these places have inspired me to write about fabulously fun and beautiful locations, both abroad and here in England. In fact, it was during one of my many visits to Ibiza that I was drawn to write Deadly Escape. The picturesque island filled me with its happy, adventurous vibes, so Deadly Escape’s location was set from that moment on. And, of course, being surrounded by charming, good-looking Spanish men also helped!

For me, reading is like watching my own private movie. The words come to life, and I can pick it up and put it down whenever I want. It’s great when a book conjures up emotion for the characters and even better when you miss them after the book is finished. That’s’ what I have always tried to achieve in my books.

As with Deadly Escape, I enjoy creating and writing a world of escapism, where the reader can hide away and be thrilled with a rollercoaster of emotions. I want them to love or hate my characters, laugh and cry, and it makes me so happy hearing that people have gone to bed far too late because they couldn’t stop turning the pages, or they ‘just had to know what was going to happen next’.

If you love romance and a great plot, then you are the person I wrote Deadly Escape for. Available from my publisher and Amazon, it won’t disappoint!

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