• What would happen if you stepped through a door in time…? A simple woodsman finds himself in the midst of a daring, ambitious plot which could alter the course of history. Completely unaware of his part in the unfolding drama and the danger he is in; Amos has only one thing on his mind - to find a way back to his everyday existence four hundred years ago.   Stranded by some mysterious alchemy in the twenty-first century, Amos’s fate depends entirely on a motley band of companions with a simple and unique view of the world. These friends innocently set about helping Amos in their own inimitable way without realising their actions are about to disrupt carefully laid plans with disastrous consequences.   Folklore and legend invisibly entwine with the here and now to create a heart-warming tale of everyday magic and adventure. ‘The Woodsman’ unlocks hidden worlds around us through the lives of three unlikely heroes who discover that deep in the ancient woods, time can stand still.
  • Jo Turner might have satisfied a lifelong ambition of writing a book, but in ‘How Not To Date Online With One Boob’, she has chronicled four years of absolute hell in an attempt to do two things: 1. Make people check their boobs properly and catch cancer early. 2. Raise money for Coppafeel, a charity dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer. Now make no mistake this is not your conventional book, but then again Jo is not your conventional person! She is one gutsy, savvy woman who has faced cancer head on, dealt with clinicians who, at the age of 26, didn’t think she was capable of making decisions for herself, coped with divorce and becoming a single mum all at the same time. Follow Jo through her first hand account of what dealing with cancer feels like and how she had to learn to love again through the world of online dating apps. A melting pot of raw humour, insight, emotion, beauty, strength and downright profanity this is not a book to be missed! Jo is giving all profits to Coppafeel and we know her book will make a real difference.
  • It is January 2017. E.G. Rawlings, a noted foreign correspondent forced into retirement after a serious injury in the field, arrives by boat at a vacant mooring on the Thames. To his surprise, he finds it is owned by an old friend from Afghanistan, Isobel Mallinson, the widow of a British diplomat. On learning that Rawlings is now writing an account of his war experiences, Isobel allows him to use her mooring for the year he needs to finish his memoir. During the months that follow, Rawlings, suffering from PTSD and in terrible emotional and physical pain, gains solace in the peaceful life of the river and the community he finds there. Although a loner by nature, he becomes particularly close to Marnie, a middle-aged art teacher with a fragile heart who lives near him in the boathouse. He begins to tell Marnie his story, explaining the unexpected events that have resulted in what he calls ‘turning points’ in his life, taking him in surprising and new directions. Little does the jaded reporter realise that another turning point is just around the corner that will not only profoundly affect his life, but also the lives of all those around him.
  • The Rice Mice is a heartwarming story of a family of mice who secretly share a house with a family of humans. Only Bomber, the black cat, knows they exist … or so they think! Eventually, and quite by mistake, they come face to face with the household’s two children, with hilarious consequences! Beautifully illustrated, The Rice Mice and its adorably illustrated characters will delight children of primary school age. When 10-year-old author Taylor Louise Rose’s godfather, Kevin, was rushed into intensive care suffering from Coronavirus, nobody thought he would survive. So bad was he that he was encouraged to ring his wife to say goodbye. Taylor adores her ‘Uncle Moose’ as he’s affectionately known, and when the excellent care and dedication of University Hospital Coventry’s doctors and nurses saved his life, Taylor resolved to thank them. And so she wrote The Rice Mice for the children of key workers (and others) to enjoy and to raise funds for NHS Charities.
  • Make your next adventure a nocturnal one. Packed with inspiring photographs, entertaining stories, strange ideas and expert advice, this book is so much more than your essential guide to exploring The Lake District at night. Follow the laughter and the learning as John McCarthy and his Lunarantic friends head out on over 80 Howling exploits as they climb, canoe, cycle, swim and eat cheese in and on the Cumbrian lakes, rivers, mountains and sea. Find out why they have done this every Full Moon for the last 8 years… The book explores the reasons they embark on these monochrome monthly meanderings and aims to inspire you to gather your own clan to explore your local environment under the light of the moon, regardless of where you live. If you are even vaguely interested in strange goings-on in the dark, this book is aimed at you.
  • The Knot is a story that helps children identify and undo worry knots in their tummies. Beautifully illustrated, the book explains in light-hearted rhyme how worry knots can be dispelled, how even teachers get worry knots and how they cope with them. We can't imagine a single child that won't be able to relate to the theme of The Knot.
  • A Tangled Web is a work of crime fiction that will play with your mind long after you have finished reading it.
  • The book deals with seven post war decades and analyses a series of milestone moments which contributed to a spectacular fall from grace, before ending on an impressive note as a Terrier like renaissance over the last ten years has seen Huddersfield Town restored to English footballs top flight.
  • Thinking about cruising? It's like staying in a wonderful hotel where every morning brings different scenery and the opportunity for a new adventure! Whether you're planning your first ever cruise or you already have the cruising bug, The Confident portExplorer will be an invaluable tool, helping you get the most out of your days ashore.
  • Drownings in the River Trent, accidental deaths, mysterious ‘little people,’ poisonings, murder, deranged and disturbed lives – all can be found in the enclosed pages. Folklore and fantasy or the manifestation of a terrible reality? You decide!
  • Ursu is the true and heart-warming story of one woman’s determination to save a dog from certain death. A dog she has never even met. Unwanted, broken, feral and unapproachable the dog has never known anything but years of terrible brutality and abuse at the hands of humans. It could all go very wrong, but somehow she knows that behind those sad and desperate eyes there is a good, kind and intelligent dog. Can he be saved? Can he ever trust a human? Heart-warming, poignant and touching; if you love dogs there is no doubt that you will love Ursu.
  • Funny, vivid, down to earth, heartfelt, sad, profound and beautiful, these poems pick you up and transport you back to times long since gone; to hardships, love and experiences we can only imagine. Until now. Come back to the war, down the mines, to Scotland with the boy, the young man, the man who experienced them all. This is an absolute treasure of a book that you will cherish and keep forever.

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