It’s a diagnosis that puts fear and uncertainty into everyone who receives it; the patient and their family.

Breast cancer isn’t choosy. It doesn’t care who we are or what we do. It doesn’t even care what gender we are. Men get breast cancer, too. It’s an awful disease that has taken some good friends, friends who were too young to die.

What if a doctor told you they didn’t think the lump you had was cancer, but you were sure it was? What if the doctors dismissed you, but your gut told you they were wrong? Mostly, doctors are right because they’re damned good at what they do, but what if, just this once, you knew they were wrong? That is exactly what happened to Carolann Bruce. She just knew. And she wasn’t going to go away and die.

Her true story, ‘The Dream That Saved My Life’, will leave you laughing, crying and wondering how the heck so many things can go wrong for one person. It is a no-holds-barred account told with a level of courage and humour that is enviable.

Since its release, people have messaged Carolann and told her how much the book has helped them, often in ways we would never have considered. In Carolann’s eyes, that makes the struggle of writing this book completely worthwhile. ‘The Dream That Saved My Life’ is a compelling read, and you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a novel. But is isn’t.

Buy from JJMoffs and a donation from each book will go to our local cancer charity, Team Verrico.

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