The second in the E.G. Rawlings Trilogy

After another leg operation, Rawlings reflects that he is now without any responsibilities. His brief affair is over, his grandson Felix is in Australia, and he will soon move into his new London home on the banks of the Thames.

However, true to form, Rawlings’ life never take the path he plans. A taciturn retired war correspondent, he reluctantly agrees to write his painful memoir of the Siege of Sarajevo, which he and his soul mate, Mia, a war photographer, endured for three years. Mia later lost her life to an explosion in Afghanistan, which badly injured Rawlings, leaving him with complex PTSD. His return to Sarajevo brings back traumatic memories, whilst a visit to Mia’s family reveals some shocking surprises.

Meanwhile, Rawlings’ grandson is happily settled with his aunt and her family in Australia. Or is he? On finding that Felix is being horribly bullied, Rawlings resolves to go against the family solicitor and bring the boy home.

With the advances of two unstable and neurotic women thrown into the mix, Rawlings’ year of trials does all it can challenge this difficult but charming character.

“This is a great story greatly told. A masterly narrative for a powerful and exciting journey.
What a joy to read!”

Derek Jacobi

“A really enjoyable and relaxing read, and I so look forward to the final development.”

Julian Glover

“The second part of the E G Rawlings Trilogy introduces a miscellany of upper middle-class families. As he visits Dundee, Adelaide, Boston and Sarajevo, further problems await the conscientious Rawlings.”

Timothy West

“EG Rawlings. The grandfather I wish I’d had and the one I’d wish to be. So moving, in so many directions. “

Ian Lavender