Megan Bowers, born and raised in Sheffield, is a professional dancer who also teaches dance. Having trained at a dance studio in Liverpool, Megan was then offered a scholarship giving her the opportunity to train at Broadway Dance Centre in New York! Megan now wants to pass on her love of dance and inform children of the benefits of the sport. “Dancing is therapeutic” says Megan, “ it releases anxiety, worry, stress and leaves everybody feeling happy”. Megan is keen to teach children the benefits of dance and how they can keep fit both mentally and physically through the sport.

So why just dance and not any sport? Because it’s the ultimate feel-good exercise enjoyed by millions. The unique movement is an utterly fantastic way to keep fit. As well as being barrels of fun, the mood-boosting activity has a variety of benefits including having a great impact on both our mental and physical health – what’s not to love?

One reason to get your groove on is because of the extensive physical health benefits. Dancing is a fabulous way to work your muscles and improve your overall body strength. In addition to this, it allows you to work on your concentration, agility, coordination and balance. Dance also allows you to improve the condition of your heart and lungs meaning you can take care of your vital organs and enjoy yourself – brilliant right?

Not only does dance allow you to reap physical benefits but it can also have a significant impact on your mental health. Busting moves will allow you to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem through the endless self expression, consequently positively affecting your mood! What’s more is dance has been scientifically proven to reduce levels of anxiety and depression, providing a relief from stress and tension.

Dancing is massively popular with kids these days. Our new book, My Dance Journal, is a fabulous book where they can record their ideas, express their thoughts and fill with their passion for dance! It allows them to work on themselves and their love for dance. Keeping fit both mentally and physically is crucial for ease of learning and a healthy lifestyle, which is especially important in the current climate of the world.

They can let their imaginations run wild in this journal, which is perfect for dance mad kids to doodle, write, choreograph, plan and draw in. And in order to keep up their strength for dance, their bodies will require good nutrition so the journal includes a food diary to ensure they are getting the energy they needs for twirling and whirling!

It is evident that dance is bursting with benefits meaning kids can get their groove on and look after their well-being at the same time. My Dance Journal makes the perfect gift for all kids looking to let their creativity flow through their love of the art of dance.