Technology has influenced and changed industries around the world, revolutionising the way we carry out everyday tasks and enjoy our hobbies. And the book industry hasn’t escaped this influence. One of the most significant changes is the invention and emergence of the Kindle. The e-reader, sold by Amazon, has revolutionised the industry and allowed people to have not just one book, but thousands of different books in the palm of their hands. However, a big debate always arises around the Kindle vs Paperback issue, and it’s that debate we are going look at today.

Firstly, what are the benefits of buying paperback books? Well, the sheer luxury of browsing the shelves in your favourite bookshop is immense. It’s a bit of ‘you’ time where you can lose yourself in a world of fiction far away from your own reality. I particularly love those bookshops that have a cafe attached. It’s all part of the experience, isn’t it? You buy a book (several in my case!) and treat yourself to a coffee whilst you devour your new read. It’s a rare treat, but always a relaxing and welcomed one.

For many, books are treasured belongings which adorn their bookcases for years to come. It is especially true of those of rare editions or books which have some sentimental value. I find it impossible to give books away, it’s like giving away a good friend.

The paperback is also a great conversation starter. If you’re a fan of paperbacks, there’s no doubt someone will have asked you the question “What are you reading there?”. Before you know it, you’re chatting about books and sharing recommendations for great reads.

As we’ve mentioned already, one of the main benefits of Kindle and e-books is that you can purchase thousands of different books and read them on one single device. In this year of Covid, such a level of accessibility to books has been welcomed by thousands. Yes, paperbacks are available online, but you have to wait for delivery. Once purchased on Kindle, your reading can commence immediately. Not that I’m impatient, of course!

There is one area where Kindle has more than proved its worth, and that is for those with reduced sight. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy can all make reading a paperback difficult at best. Kindle allows the reader to increase the type size significantly, amongst other functions, making reading possible again. It has given back the gift of reading to many an avid book lover.

Whether you prefer Kindle or the traditional paperback is down to personal taste, but here at JJMoffs Independent Book Publisher, we cater for everyone. Our books are available to buy as paperbacks from all good bookshops and online, and our novels are also available on Kindle. If you prefer the more personal touch, order direct from our online shop!

So why not treat yourself, or someone you love, to a good book this Christmas. I can’t recommend our latest release, The Dream That Saved My Life, highly enough. It’s a powerful read, but funny and heart-warming, too.

Happy reading!