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Megan Bowers

Megan Bowers is a Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher constantly traveling around the UK and back and forth from New York City. Megan was born and raised in Sheffield with her gorgeous supportive family, that she’s extremely grateful for. Megan trained as a dancer at Rare Studios in Liverpool from the age of 16-18, then was awarded a scholarship to train at the prestigious Broadway Dance Centre in New York.

After returning from training in America she went on to work professionally as a dancer and teacher. Megan is extremely passionate about teaching children and inspiring the younger generation of aspiring performers. It’s something she feels extremely passionate about. Growing up writing in journals is where the idea came from to create her book. Because Megan constantly uses writing as a therapeutic release and a way of recording her artistic ideas, she decided to create the perfect book for a dancer to record, plan and reflect on their own amazing journey of the dance world.