October is Breast Cancer Month


It’s a diagnosis that puts fear and uncertainty into everyone who receives it; the patient and their family. Breast cancer isn’t choosy. It doesn’t care who we are [...]

October is Breast Cancer Month2021-09-28T18:25:36+01:00

Why couldn’t she have talked to us?


Helen Cousin opens her heart during Mental Health Awareness Week 10th – 16th May 2021.  ‘In June 2017 our lives change forever when our beautiful 16-year-old daughter, Maisie, [...]

Why couldn’t she have talked to us?2021-05-13T09:22:19+01:00

Spotlight on Sophie Wilkinson


      I was born and grew up in Retford with my mum, dad and sister – who I am very close with. As a child my [...]

Spotlight on Sophie Wilkinson2021-05-05T15:04:04+01:00

Spotlight on Ursu and owner Sarah Napier


Ursu entering my world is an on-going life experience.  His presence has become so much more than taking on a feral, ‘bitey’ and traumatised middle-aged canine and watching [...]

Spotlight on Ursu and owner Sarah Napier2021-04-14T11:30:46+01:00

For adventurers everywhere


This Saturday will see March’s full moon bright in the night sky. For most of us, a full moon has little significance, apart from illuminating a cloudless night [...]

For adventurers everywhere2021-03-23T12:12:02+00:00

Spotlight on John McCarthy


John McCarthy, author of ‘Full Moon Lunarantics, Dark Exploits in the Lake District’. John was born in the suburbs of London, where early scouting expeditions established a quest [...]

Spotlight on John McCarthy2021-03-15T12:22:22+00:00

Spotlight on Dawn Terry


My name is Dawn Terry, and I am an author. The author of Deadly Escape, to be exact! I've loved books since my teenage years. Not all books, though, [...]

Spotlight on Dawn Terry2021-03-08T17:17:06+00:00

Spotlight on Stephanie Varah


Stephanie Varah is the author of ‘The Woodsman’, which she completed once she retired from her challenging role in the NHS. Here she explains how her rescue dog [...]

Spotlight on Stephanie Varah2021-03-01T12:35:09+00:00

World Book Day 2021


In twelve months that most of us would like to forget, there is more optimism about 2021 with the rollout of the vaccines. We have plenty of dates [...]

World Book Day 20212021-02-19T16:35:27+00:00


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