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Kindle v Paperback


Technology has influenced and changed industries around the world, revolutionising the way we carry out everyday tasks and enjoy our hobbies. And the book industry hasn't escaped this [...]

Kindle v Paperback2020-12-16T13:24:48+00:00

The History of the Christmas Tree


Something that is as synonymous with Christmas as Santa Claus and present-giving is the Christmas tree. Each year millions of households spend hours decorating their trees with lights [...]

The History of the Christmas Tree2020-12-08T10:46:08+00:00

How St Nicholas became Santa Claus


Have you ever wondered where the name Santa Claus came from? Or who St Nicholas was? Who is Father Christmas? And why have they all become synonymous with [...]

How St Nicholas became Santa Claus2020-12-03T12:36:21+00:00

Megan Bowers


Megan Bowers, born and raised in Sheffield, is a professional dancer who also teaches dance. Having trained at a dance studio in Liverpool, Megan was then offered a [...]

Megan Bowers2020-11-24T12:59:26+00:00

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